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Mega Man Legends

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News and Updates

8/28/02 ~ Notice

School will start tomorrow for me, so updates will be rarer then ever. I'm not allowed to use my computer on school nights unless it was school related (unless I can work a little bit on KtoxNet behind my mom's back) I can't even work on my fanfiction, or fanart. For people who want to AIM me, do it on Fridays and Saturdays.

And for you people who want to send stuff for KtoxNet, please type a message in your emails so I know what you sent me and if I should delete it or not.

Domo Arigatoo [bows and walks away]

8/26/02 ~ update

Ktox Net will be updated more frequently, since I finally got photo shop installed on my computer. No more asking my bro to work on anymore images (maybe to scan, since HE'S the one that has the scanner)

I'll be working on getting some RmD2 robot pics up soon, and maybe start on the TnK and RmD2 sectors.

I've placed a Mega Man X fanfic in the Fanfiction Archive. Don't think you'll get off easily if you sent a MMX fic in. I've talk to the author of story via AIM and confirmed it.

What the? A Tron Bonne figure?

A few days ago, I went to the local anime store. My friend and I were looking at all of the kawaii anime stuff when I spotted a Tron Bonne figure on the shelf. God, I was screaming like a banshee. Of course I bought it! The funny thing was, I got my Rockman Dash 2 Rock Buster model the day before...

How come Rockman Dash stuff just finds their way to me when I'm not actually trying to find them?

6/12/02 ~ update

Sorry for the lack of updates people, but my brother, who works on the images for this site, is too lazy to work and his computer is acting like crap. But despite that, new layout!

The fanfiction archive have been. There's no stuff in there yet, The rules are posted though.

I also fixed some of the pages. I just realized that some pages had no wallpaper


Disclaimer: I do not own Mega Man Legends or other material on this site. All MM characters are property of Capcom Entertainment.

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