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Rockman Dash cheats

If you don't want to cheat in Mega Man Legends, scroll no further. WHAT!? You want to cheat? Okay!




Money cheat #1: If you like to play kick the can, this is the cheat for you. You see that can in Apple Market? Kick it into the Jetlag bakery to get 1000 zenny. Lather, rinse, and repeat as many times as you want to.


Money cheat #2: After you talk to Mega Man Juno in the Main Gate, exit the ruins, then have Roll take you to the Flutter in the Support car. Go to Roll's room and talked to Data.

Choose "Tell me..."

Select " I keep on losing fights..." and get 100 zenny

Say no thanks and get 1000 zenny

Say please (second time asked) and get 1000 zenny, 2000 zenny, 3000 zenny, 4000 zenny 5000 zenny and 6000 zenny.


Energy cube cheat: On the battle fields, destroy a tank. A Kobun will come out of it. Shoot him until he turns a darker color, then kick him. An energy cube will fall out of him. You can do this three times per Kobun.


Free soda: All over Kattelox city, there are vending machines (three in Uptown, two in Downtown). Kick these to get a free soda. (warning, this doesn't always work. Sometimes the machine breaks down the first or second time kicked. This cheat can make your reputation go under, so be careful!)


Dark Mega Man: Yep, this is what the book in the Library was talking about. Your dark image. Becoming Dark Mega Man is easy. Take the money from the bank robbery, let the bombs go off during the bomb mission, or doing the cheats listed above (honestly, I think that this is not a cheat)


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