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Another Sun

translation from the Japanese insert song of Rockman Dash


I want to feel winds like yours

While making sure that there is a sun unlike anyone else's

I want to love


An irritating morning when i can't remember my dreams

While I haven't yet found words to express the thoughts I wish to put across


Tumbling amidst the compromise of a barrage of theories

I hear the screams of the heart that can't get used to being fed


*There are things you alone can see Don't lose sight of them

Tell me what form they take and what are they like


There are things that you alone can do Don't lose your way

If something is lost just gather your desires

That will be enough


Nothing is funny and of course one doesn't laugh

Heaps of lies tip the balence If they come crumbling down get away from them


Men musn't cry? Who said so? Who decieded so?

For I am here For I will always be by your side you're no longer alone


**There is a love you alone can embrace I shall show you

I may be clumsy but I want to be touched only by your kindness Surely


***There is a place you alone can go to I believe so

Do not be afraid Be the same in everything In my heart

Rage on


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