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Fanfiction Archive

It's time for you people to get creative. This archive is for your wonderful MML fanfiction to entertain other vistors.


I set some ground rules for these

#1: Only Mega Man Legends

#2: No lemon stories (c'mon people, think of the younger audience)

#3: No Yaoi or Yuri, not everyone likes them.

#4: No crossovers (ex: Sonic, Zelda, Pokémon)

#5: No religious references

#6: Even if I allow cursing in the stories, DON'T put vast amounts of it (No f-word) You can put foreign language curse words, as long as I know what it means. If stories with bad language is really well done and has a great story, you should let me edit out and replace the words.


#8: No lists.

#9: If you do insist that your non-MML fanfic should be posted here (The other MM series), talk to me via AIM and I'll see what I can do.


please note that each story has to pass inspection before being posted.


Got it? Good. Email me


Seńorita TronFantasy



Frostbite by ZeroFrostBite

(rated PG-13 for violence) As much as I hate the Mega Man X series, I still think this is a great fanfic. 7 out of 10! Arigatoo, ZeroFrostBite, for sending in the first fanfic!



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