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A white smear fled across the dark and barren Anartic landscape, dashing into an icy forest. With each step it took, a footprint was engraved into the snow. The pursuer was a man with shiny dark red armor. He wore a green visor over his face enabling him to see in the dark. The only things not covered by his armor were his hands and the front of his face. As he ran his rough blonde hair waved in the violent winds. He had eyes that had seen many, and hands that had killed many. He was Maverick Hunter Zero.

Zero ran after the cat like tracks. He jumped from ice block to ice block on a freezing river, barely able to make out the imprints. "Come on Leon," Zero yelled while jumping over a rotting log with moss covering it, and into the forest, "I don't want to fight you!" You can't run away forever, please, give yourself up before I have to use force!"

A faint and rabid voice echoed from the depths of the forest, "I'll kill myself first Maverick Hunter, but I'll probably just kill you instead," he said with a maniacal laugh. "Leader of Unit 0? Ha! You're pathetic. If you want me so badly you should run faster," He said with a taunting tone.

Zero made a heavy sigh, his breath cold in his face, "They always have to do it the hard way," Suddenly Zero felt a rush of anger and aggravation, "Damnit Leon! We've been friends for a long time, I don't want to hurt you! Give yourself in now!"

Suddenly Zero stopped, the tracks he had been so carefully following had disappeared. He looked around in confusion, where could Leon have gone, he wasn\rquote t able to fly. A sound came from the tree above him. He immediately looked up at the bare trees, only to see four golden claws slash him across the face. Zero flew into the air, then crashed into the ground. Blood seeping from him into the once pure snow. "Ugh," he said weakly, "Damn you...Leon."

Zero looked up at Leon, only fifteen feet away. He had the posterior of a human, he stood on two legs like a human, but he was also part Siberian Tiger. Leon was heavil y built, thought moving at amazing speeds. A tail whipped from side to side, striking his shiny white fur. Zero looked sharp fangs, then moved up to his vicious yellow eyes. A single black stripe went from his snout down to his tail. His eyes locked o n his bloody claw, "I gotta watch those."

As Zero stumbled up, a shot of white energy skimmed along the side of his face, making a deep gash in his cheek. Zero's eyes opened in shock for a moment, then changed to a cocky yet determined look. "I have all you're data right here Leon," he said with a grin on his face, "Frost Leon, retired Class A Maverick Hunter, Successfully disposed of twenty-three Mavericks on nineteen missions," Zero's eyes got ready to see Leon's reaction. Leon put his head down and fa ced the snow. Zero continued, "Shot a gas line in Los Angles California, obliterating ninety percent of the city and killing an estimated million. Went Maverick two months later in Juneau Dome Alaska, murdering a mere twenty three compared to Los Angeles."

Leon trembled as his eyes filled with rage and some sadness. He slowly brought his head up and stared coldly into Zero's eyes. Zero backed away in shock. Leon growled at Zero, "That's it Zero, I'm gonna slice you're god damn head off and throw it to the bottom of the Ocean."

Zero's cocky grin returned. He stood straight up and put his hand behind his head. "You'll need a saber if you want to decapitate me Leon." He lifted his hand up as a thin and short metal stick appeared in his hand. Zero gripped it tightly as electricity exploded from within it's chamber. Zero jumped up in the air with the saber behind his head. Throwing all his might, he slammed the saber toward his opponent. Leon leapt to the side as chunks of ice flew into the air. Not taking any time to rest, Zero rushed toward him and slashed at his head.

"To slow," Leon said calmly as he ducked under the saber, "My turn." With great agility he brought his hand back and tore his claws into Zero's ribs. Zero's eyes exploded in a rus h of pain as the snow became contaminated with more of his blood. Leon made a mad laugh, "Maverick Hunters are always so cocky. Well well, you're down on the ground bleeding, the hunter, has become the hunted. What will you do now?"

Zero struggled with extreme difficulty to lift his head up. He knew his energy was low, but he managed to lift himself to one knee. His eyes locked on the tree struck by Leon's buster shot. "It's...frozen." His eyes ran up the massive tree. Not one branch had been le ft untouched. A thick layer of ice enveloped the tree. For the first time since he was created, terror rushed through him. As he struggled up, he saw his saber stabbed in the ground, by Leon's foot.

"That's it!" Leon yelled with a mad look in his eyes, "That's the look of terror, the look of you knowing I'm going to mince you into tiny little pieces!" Leon bent down and withdrew Zero's saber from the ground, "And you know what? I always find it fun to destroy someone with their own weapon, so I'll mince you with your Z-Saber. Now, goodbye Maverick Hunter.

Leon leapt into the air, preparing to stab Zero through the heart. With amazing speed, Zero lifted his buster into the air and aimed it toward Leon. The chamber of the Z-Buster glowed red and white , as flames licked the top and ice creeped up sides. Zero's eyes opened with a similar mad look as adrenaline rushed through his body, "Dodge this you bastard!" He made a mad scream as fire and ice launched out of the cannon and straight at Leon. Leon screamed with terror as his torso was completely obliterated from existence.

Leon's decapitated body slammed into the ground. "Ugh.... you did beat me...but, I'm not going to die without taking you to hell," Leon finished by coughing blood onto his chest, where it flowed into the snow. "Join me hell," he said as he lifted his buster, firing it straight up in the air. The blast came straight down and trapped Leon and Zero in a prison of ice. Slowly, the snow covered the two fallen warriors.


End of Part one