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Mega Man Legends Charcters

Okay people, I kinda ripped this stuff from the instuction booklets and stuff and corrected some information.


Mega Man Volnut- 14 years ago, he was found by Barrel in a ruin and raised as his grandson. Now he's a Digger in the Caskett family. The leading Digger that explores a dig site, he has many skills and abilities. It is still unknown why he was abondoned as a small child.


Roll Caskett- Mega Man's 14 year old best friend and sister. When Roll was little (Five years old to be exact), her parents disapeared while exploring a dig site. She grew up in their footsteps, excavating dig sites with a ray of hope that she will find them someday. She is a mechanical genius and loves to repair and build machines. During a mission, she assists Mega Man as a weapon developer and Spotter.


Barrel Caskett- Mega Man and Roll's grandfather. Once a well-known, very successful Digger, he is now retired. He uses his vast knowledge and experience to advise Mega Man and Roll on their dig missions.

Deta- A mechanical monkey who was found with Mega Man. Deta only speaks in gibberish that only Mega Man can understand. What secrets does this little monkey hold?


The Bonne Family- The Bonne family is a group of air pirates who plunder treasures from successful Diggers and passing air ships. The group consists of:

Teisel Bonne- The notorious leader of the Bonne family, who likes to steal treasure in a flamboyant way. He uses his brilliant mind to develope and implement battle statagies. He is also a smooth talker and has never lost an argument. Ironically, he has a secret infinity for animals, toys, and models (lol!).

Tron Bonne- The 14 year old little sister of Teisel Bonne. She is a mechanical wiz who is in charge of repairing and buiding her family's robots and maintaining the Bonne airship, the Gesselshaft. Tron is Mega Man's secret admirer.

Bon Bonne- The little brother of Tron and Teisel Bonne. His big size hides the fact that he's really a big baby. The only thing HE says is "Babu" and "Fun!".

Kobuns - These cute little robots were built by Tron to steal treasure, fight, and take care of the family. There are 40 of them, each with different skills and characteristics.